Friday, July 8, 2011

My Zombie Bike!

So I just found a mountain bike on Craigslist for free but was in need of some TLC... a lot of TLC!!! One of the crank arms was badly damaged from what I believe was probably an accident and the squared off part for attaching it to the crank was rounded off badly. My first step to fix this was to use the red cap loctite to keep the nut for the crank arm in place since the rounded out part of the crank arm was causing the nut to come loose. Next because the crank arm was wobbling around LIKE CRAZY I used my red cap loctite like an epoxy and have hopefully solved the issue with the crank arm wobbling around. There was also a lot of rust on the bike but I have been able to solve that problem with some elbow grease and an abrasive scotch pad. I will put some pictures up soon to show how my Zombie bike looks!!!

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